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They said I couldn't do it... I said piss off! Here is my little social experiment for all the world to see. I have gone around and got just about everyone I've wanted to be on my site. I photograph and film all my content myself... And as you can see, I like it raw! Check out the guys I've got so far...

Your tour guide,
Magik Mike

Date: Mar 20 Mission: On bended knee

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Name: Gus | Num. Pics: 694 | Video Footage: 31 minutes

Gus and Caden had a little thing going and Caden knew Gus was a little gay.So Caden came thru with the gay movie to get Gus on the wild side.Thats when everything Caden had been wishing for came true.By the end of the day Caden was getting fucked by Gus....

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